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Brandi L. Bates is an international best-selling, American novelist, screenwriter, and philosopher-poet. Pushcart Prize Nominee. Hurston-Wright Legacy Award Nominee. 

Author of SOLEDAD, Remains To Be Seen, Amid the Cacophony of Cries, Mood Swings and many other titles, Bates is known for her sexy, fast-paced, edgy style of writing.
She gracefully spices up intimacy and mood with juicy blow by blow details, while weaving a thrilling whodunit filled with brevity, taut atmosphere, and strong psychological suspense.
She's been described as a master of suspense, plotting, and vivid characterization by her contemporaries. Her stories have glowing reviews in most literary circles. Best known for her novels that could broadly be described as suspense thrillers, Bates also frequently incorporates poetic elements of erotica, horror, mystery, science fiction, and satire. 
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